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Press Releases

Annual General Meeting in Group A/S

  • 2019-04-12
Notice to convene the Annual General Meeting in Group A/SCompany registration no. 37627542(the "Company") Tuesday 30 April 2019, 11.00 CEST at Dynamovej 11 C, 2860 Søborg. AGENDA: Election of chairman of the meeting  The Board of Directors report on the activities of the  (...) Group A/S publishes its annual report 2018

  • 2019-04-03
No. 5/2019Copenhagen, 03 April 2019 Group A/S has today published its annual report for 2018. The report is available at A/SPreben Vinkler LindgaardCFO Susanne Sandsberg Klubien+45 26891909   E-mail Certified A (...) Group A/S - Stockholms Auktionsverk Fine Art

  • 2019-03-05
No. 4/2019Copenhagen, 5 March 2019 Sverige AB has today bought 51% of the shares in Stockholms Auktionssverk AB from our partner Gelba Management AB, returning full ownership of the Fine Art business to In March 2018 separated Stockholms Auktionssverks Fine Ar (...)