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Board Remuneration

Fees and other remuneration to The Board of Directors, including the chairman, shall be approved by the annual general meeting. The fees shall amount to DKK  200,000 for the chairman and DKK 100,000 for each board member. The below fees are remuneration for a period of one year. In agreement with, Board of Directors may invoice their fees through a company and the invoiced fees shall consequently be determined so as to be cost-neutral for

Remuneration in financial year 2018
The table below presents an overview of remuneration paid to the current Board of Directors of Group A/S in financial year 2018.

DKK Board of Directors fee
Bengt Sundstrøm 200,000
Claus Due Pedersen 42,192
John Tyrrestrup 100,000
Mette Rode Sundstrøm 100,000
Preben Vinkler Lindgaard 77,808
Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg 58,082
Total for Board of Directors 578,082

General guidelines for incentive pay