Value Proposition offers a standardised auction process with an average auction period of five days. offers sellers and buyers;

  • Expertise
  • Online platform
  • Convenience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Security

Sellers are offered free approximate valuations for their lots via an online valuation service, giving them the option to consider whether to put up the lot on auction or not. Potential sellers can also get a valuation per telephone or via email. When customers arrive at a auction house, they meet an expert to get the lot valued. Alternatively, the seller can use’s pick-up service under certain conditions. When the customer has decided to sell, the lots are taken in to the auction house, described by experts, photographed and placed on physical viewing in the showroom until the auction is completed. After the lot has been processed it is put up for auction online.

After the buyer has paid for the lot, the buyer can pick up the lot in the auction house or have it delivered by a third-party logistics company or via the local postal service. then pays the seller’s proceeds to the seller up to approximately 40 bankdays after auction ends.

Our deep knowledge and procedures within these areas and on how to continuously increase the number of items and buyers on constitutes the foundation for sustainable and profitable expansion.