Market is maintaining and further developing its existing position as the leading game changer in the online auction industry.

Market overview
Important drivers for the online auction market include Internet accessibility and consumer preferences. In the period from 2010 to 2015, access to the Internet in households across the EU increased by 13 percentage points to 83%. has chosen geographical markets in countries where access to the Internet is most available.´s core markets are Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where Internet access amounts to 90-97%. is geographically well-positioned to take advantage of the growing e-commerce market. Over 60% of all individuals in Germany, Norway and Denmark have purchased an item online whithin the last three months of being surveyed (2015). Also, individuals are increasingly selling goods online. This development is partly driven by Internet penetration and a maturing of the auction industry.

Competitors focuses on the auction market segment for lots with a value between EUR 80 and EUR 5,000. This segment positions between peer-to-peer platforms with high volume at low prices and the fine art market with low volume and high prices.’s competitors in general include other online auction houses, physical auction houses and peer-to-peer classified companies.

Companies targeting the large market segment below’s auction market segment are notably eBay and – companies that are pure online peer-to-peer platforms and lack’s traditional auction services.